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1. Björkhagen - Skogshyddan, 8,5 km

Here begins what is probably Europe's most extensive hiking trail.

Start: N 59°17.513' E 018°07.012'. No parkering.
Water: Spring at Sandasjön - N 59°16.588' E 018°11.220'

From Björkhagen underground station Sörmlandsleden goes east across the road Malmövägen, past the church Markuskyrkan and along a birch avenue into Nacka recreation area.

The immediate area has a rich bird life, interesting vegetation, geological characteristics and so many cultural and historical objects that it is like a playground for research and academic teaching. Stockholm citizens are to be congratulated for having access to such a varied countryside close by.

In this section you have easy access to many lakes in where it is possible to swim. The first one, Lake Söderbysjön, is located 2 km from the start of the section. From there, you have a nice view over the lake. The trail continues to a geological attraction, a rift valley linking Lake Ältasjön with Lake Söderbysjön. The valley down towards lake Ulvsjön is of great botanical interest.

Those who want to shorten the walk, or start at Kolarängen, can take the bus at road 260. Otherwise, the path continues towards Lake Sandasjön, where fresh spring water runs straight from the boulder ridge. About 300 metres beyond the spring, a Stone-Age settlement has been found. Unfortunately, not much of it is visible today. Pause at the nature reserve just before the brownish Lake Strålsjön, where the nature offers beautiful rocky forest, ravines and cliffs.

From Skogshyddan it's about 15 minutes walk along Erstaviksvägen to the bus stop Bäckalidsvägen, see map.


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