Part of section 24:1, about 8 km     Map

Start by Vilsta Recreation Center. GPS: N 59°20.910'  E 016°30.346'

The circular path and section 24:1 begins with the small road by the horse paddock in Vilsta. The path leads through one of Eskilstuna’s most beautiful nature reserve which has got a rich flora. Besides the common species here are Baneberry, Corydalis intermedia, Large Bitter-cress, Toothwort, Twinflower, Creeping lady’s-tresses, Moschatel, Dactylorhiza maculata, to mention but a few.

At first the path leads along the old carriageway following the slope towards Eskilstunaån overlooking a beautiful cultivated land with big oak trees mixed with elements of aspen tree and birch. Close to the waterside grows alder. By the road by Skjulstaberget are remnants of a kolbotten, a kiln used to produce charcoal in old times, and the remains of a hut for the charcoal burner. Another somewhat smaller kolbotten is to be seen 100 meters down the road towards Skjulsta, close to the road. About 1 km further down the path is the mountain of Skjulsta from where a beautiful view of Skjulsta can be enjoyed. On the mountain can be seen the remains of a hill fort. A few hundred meters after the mountain is a well fenced-in mine shaft, a pit from an old silver mine with a history from the end of the 17th century. More information on the pit can be found at the site.

From the mine it is possible to make a detour. The path to the right leads to a small canal that was started in Torshälla 1596 and was completed in 1610 with the last floodgate in Skogstorp. The canal was built mainly by soldiers and country people who were mobilized for the purpose. The peasants had to dig a certain quantity or deliver a certain amount of logs before they were free to go home again. The work was unpopular, the people complained and it took all the energy of the duke Karl IX to accomplish the task.

From the mine the path leads through hilly pinewood toward Uvberget which has a fairly well preserved hill fort with a view toward Rosenfors. Shortly thereafter the path crosses a lighted track and at some points the path is parallel to this track. After another crossing with the lighted track the path continues through pinewood forest and shortly thereafter leads further on another forest way. Looking north through the trees you will see the old cottage Dalkarlstorp.

This is where the circular path leaves section 24:1 and turns north, back towards Vilsta. After a short bit the path leads through a very beautiful and untouched piece of nature with old trees and beautiful moss covered ground. The continued path is partly the same as the lighted exercise track and is very easy tread. About 1 km after the separation of paths is a place prepared for barbecues beautifully situated. From there back to Vilsta is 3 km.

Vilsta recreation area