Partly wheelchair-accessible circular route, approx. 1 km

How to get there
From Nyköping, take the motorway towards Oxelösund (road 53). Turn left onto road 511 towards Nävekvarn, just south of Nyköping. Drive straight through Nävekvarn and down to the harbour. Turn right and drive until the road ends. The starting point is at the bridge to Skäret.

Circular walk 1 km, partly wheelchair-accessible
Skäret is an islet outside the Parkbadet beach and Folkets Park, with wonderful cliffs for swimming and fishing as well as still lagoons. Bridges and the northern path are accessible for wheelchairs, walking aids, pushchairs, etc., but are not intended for bicycles or mopeds!

There are fireplaces and picnic tables, with wonderful views to the sea and Norrköping. The picnic areas are maintained by Sörmlandsleden. Between the two points, Sörmlandsleden has marked a (non wheelchair-accessible) nature trail.

Maintenance of picnic areas and waste bins
Sörmlandsleden supplies cut firewood for the grills. Take great care when lighting fires, and do not waste fire wood. All felling is forbidden on the islet. Naturally, you do not leave any litter behind. If you cannot manage to bring your rubbish home with you, place it in the bins. Do not throw litter on land or in Bråviken. Remember that all sections of Sörmlandsleden are managed by volunteers.