Partly on section 27, about 7 km            Map

Start at Ramsjöhult. GPS: N 58°59.984'   E 016°17.922'

In a clockwise direction it is 2 km to the shelter at Skogen. Going anticlockwise, as described here, it is 5 km.  The route starts on an old road which was undoubtedly used for many decades to transport among other things charcoal to the foundry at Forssjö ironworks. The area is rich in remains from charcoal production. There were many workers cottages in the area and replanted agricultural land and cairns can be seen. On leaving the old road, a dyke is crossed which was laboriously constructed to provide land around Ramsjöhult that could be cultivated. The path now goes through forest where traces of more recent forestry work are visible. The silence can be suddenly broken by a loud roar from Swedish Railways’ (SJ) express trains racing along on the mainline which goes through the forest.  However in spite of the noise, both elk and deer can be seen peacefully grazing in clearings.

When some traces of the charcoal burning and a ruined hut are reached, the boggy heath can be glimpsed through the trees.  Shortly after, we pass a pit for trapping animals and come down to a plank bridge which leads to a row of small islands on the bog. Here the landscape opens up somewhat and shortly after the plank bridge there is a pleasant picnic area. Stora Mossen is a bog which is classed by the county council as an area worthy of protection for among other things its rich insect life. There is no forestry work carried out on the bog, only on the islands on which the trail now follows a tractor path. On one of the islets an imposing pine tree is visible and beside it the remains of a forest hut. The route goes down over the bog and follows a path which in winter is used as a skiing trail to Ramsjöhult.

Soon a minor road is reached which we follow to a road with traffic. After passing under an electricity pylon, a cleared and signposted pit trap commonly known as Varggropen, the Wolf Pit, can be seen.  Here the path joins section 27 of the Sörmlandsleden trail. There are more pit traps beside the trail until Skogen.

At the shelter the trails splits and a signpost indicates that the Ramsjöhult circular path continues in a northerly direction. Here also, replanted fields and grazing land can be seen. Occasionally water glitters through the trees as no fewer than three lakes are passed on the way up to Ramsjöhult but none of them are accessible for bathing.