Part of sections 45 and 44:2, and section 44, approx. 11 km
Start: Castle Nyköpingshus. GPS:  N 58°44.919 '  E 17°00.584'

A scenic route through and around the western part and outskirts of Nyköping.
The castle and the town date back to the 13th century. Both the castle and the town burned down several times; most recently in 1719 during the Russian invasions.  Hydropower from the waterfalls in the river and trade via the harbour contributed to the development of Nyköping. The first industries were located by the first large waterfall, Storhusfallet. Several old industrial buildings remain by the upper falls.

The route crosses the river on the bridge Korsbron and goes through the old brewery area, which now houses a number of artists and artisans. The route then continues along the river past the Anna Lindh memorial at Storhusfallet. 

When you reach the bridge Stadsbron you can make a detour to the town square Stora Torget. Sankt Nicolai church originates from the 13th century and has been extended several times. The old Town Hall is from the early 18th century and the County Administrative Board Residence is from the 19th century. These buildings are supplemented by a modern Town Hall in marble and the nearby interesting house of culture, Culturum.

Continuing along the river, you pass the Forsen area with a restaurant and other activities in buildings that once housed a textile industry. You then come to the St Anna residential area; a former mental hospital. You also pass the listed sports arena Folkungavallen. After this, you come to another industrial property, Perioden, now converted into flats.

Before the path becomes steeper in Hållet Nature Reserve, you find the old cottage Fåfängan with a summer café and other activities. In the reserve there are a couple of small silver mines; one is the Gustav Adolf mine. From here, the route turn onto the ”crossing” section 44:2 towards Stora Kungsladugården; to start with up to the E4 motorway. After passing the motorway, the path goes around the MAX hamburger restaurant and continues across the road to Skavsta Airport. On the right is a sports club (Nyköping FK) and volleyball court.

The walk continues through a forest and down to an area of red garages. They were built from American wooden crates, used for packaging parts for Chrysler vehicles. At that time, the assembly took place at AB Nyköpings Automobilfabrik, ANA.
After going under back under the motorway, you soon reach the Gumsbacken shopping centre with McDonald’s, hotel, etc. Follow section 44 from Stora Kungsladugården to Lindbacke and enjoy the lovely countryside and rich birdlife. Lindbacke has several ancient monuments, including a labyrinth from the Iron Age. From the Sörmlandsleden information board at Lindbacke, the path goes through a tunnel under the road to Oxelösund, through the Idbäcken area, across the railway, past the bus station and back to the castle.  

Tip for extended route:
One of Sweden’s most remarkable rock carving sites, Släbro. Several hundred figures and cup marks from the Nordic Bronze Age, around 3000 years ago. A short distance from here are two rune stones in a homestead grave field.


Castle Nyköpingshus

Castle Nyköpingshus