Partly along section 36, approx. 8 km
Start at Gula Kvarn. GPS: N 58°37.868'   E 016°48.065'

On Nävekvarns Klint, the path goes steeply up and down, but otherwise this walk is easy and varied.
The route goes past Coop and our description is clockwise. Half the route is along section 36.

The walk continues past Nävekvarns Bruk, dating back to the 17th century. Then down to the harbour and past the bridge to Skäret. Continue along the leafy Bråviken shore, past the Pryssgården residential area. The path then takes you straight up the cliff, Nävekvarns Klint, with extensive views across Bråviken.

Approx. 3.5 km from the starting point, you arrive at a good rest area with fireplace and a bathing place close by. Just a few hundred metres from there, you pass a cholera cemetery from the mid-19th century. Information boards at the site. You can see the remains of an old foundry from the 14th century and a tar pile before reaching Dammkärrsvägen.

You have now arrived at the point where section 36 continues to Lake Nävsjön, while the circular route turns right, back to Nävekvarn. After a few hills, you reach Nygransgruvan. Iron ore was mined here from 1793 to 1805. Nearby, you pass the remains of the gunpowder magazine. This is where the gunpowder used for mining in the 18th and 19th centuries was kept. After another short stretch, you can see a well preserved “Russian oven”, 80 m from the path. This cooking pit was built in 1719 by Russian invaders and was mainly used for making bread for the soldiers.

The rest of the walk takes you through pleasant forest and across rocks, passing and old cold spring, now dried up. Towards the end, pass the school and enter the community, walking util the arrow that points to Coop and Gula Kvarn.