Mostly along section 44, approx. 7 km 
Start: Lindbacke. GPS: N 58°44.687'  E 016°59.635'

Suitable starting point from Nyköping is to the west of road 53 to Oxelösund. From the Idbäcken area, there is a walk and cycle path as a continuation of the road Stenbärsvägen (between ÖB and COOP), that goes under the Oxelösund road. Here you find an information board for sections 44 and 45 as well as the circular route.
Alternative starting points: Stora Kungsladugården along the road to Bergshammar. N 58°44.759'   E 016°58.167' or Ryssbergen outdoor recreation area.

Lindbacke is a popular area for walks and a real gem for those interested in nature, with its impressive flora and rich birdlife. There are also several ancient monuments, for example a labyrinth from the Iron Age.

Svanviken, once an inlet of the sea, has transformed into wetlands through land elevation. The riparian meadows are now a breeding place for several bird species. A wheelchair-accessible ramp, starting at the foot of the Ryssbergen ski slope, goes out to a viewing platform.

The circular route is described clockwise. The path takes you past the labyrinth after just around 10 metres and continues straight across Lindbacke. In Svanviken, the path follows the nature reserve boundary to the west and then turns southwards on planks and a bridge across the river Kilaån. You then reach the foot of Ryssbergsbacken and a parking area. From here you can make a detour into Svanviken on the 320 metre long ramp.

From the parking area, the circular route follows the gravel road up to the Ryssbergen open-air recreation area. Here you find a good rest place with a wind shelter and fireplace. A walk to the top of the ski slope is recommended, as the views are amazing.

From Ryssbergen, the route continues for 600 metres along a walk and cycle path to the road Skillerhultsvägen, where you turn right (northwards) on section 44. Here starts a stretch of great culture-historical interest. First you can see a so called kastal (Medieval defence tower) on the other side of Kilaån; then you reach an Iron Age grave-field on the other side of Bergshammarsvägen/old E4. The route turns right and soon passes a milestone from 1764. At Stora Kungsladugården, which was a royal farm in the Middle Ages, the path turns towards Lindbacke and goes through a beautiful pasture. Lindbacke is soon within sight. The last part of the route is along a tractor track.

Stora Kungsladugården   Svanviken-Lindbacke Nature Reserve