Part of sections 41 and 42, approx. 3 km. Koppartorp
Start in Koppartorp.  GPS: N 58°38.703'   E 016°53.995'

Since Kummelberget is a bird protection area from 1 February to 15 August the path goes around the mountain. The route partly follows the ordinary Sörmlandsleden trail (sections 41 and 42) and is marked with blue markings and arrows.
If you walk the route clockwise from the bus stop at Tunaberg church, you first go through Tunaberg old homestead museum with many old buildings, open-pit mines and other sights from the time when Koppartorp was a lively mining community. The path continues up on a small scenic rocky area, crosses a small forest road (former main country road) and after a few hundred metres passes some horse paddocks. If you look carefully, you may see some old boundary markers by way of square stones. The route continues on the northern slope of Kummelberget with views across the enclosed pastures.
After a little while, we come to a small secluded place in the middle of the forest; a flat rock surrounded by dense spruce trees. Time to sit down and listen to the birds before continuing to a brook than almost always ripples or roars (the water is not drinkable, though).
We have almost reached the end of Kummelberget and turn right along a path that goes between Kummelberget and Simonberget – then turn left to reach a rest area for rock climbers. Just before the rest place you can follow the ordinary Sörmlandsleden trail up on Simonberget, for a fantastic view across the landscape. After the rest place, the route goes down towards the (former) rectory and continues to the church, parish hall and starting point (bus stop).