How to get there
From Nyköping, take the motorway towards Oxelösund (road 53). Turn left onto road 511 towards Nävekvarn, just south of Nyköping. Drive straight through Nävekvarn and down to the harbour.  Here is the starting point for a “Historic Walk along Näveån”.

River walk
From the start to Salvetorp, approx. 1.5 km along the river, there are 29 information boards telling the history of the area from the Middle Ages until present time, with focus on activities in and around the river Näveån.

The river walk follows Sörmlandsleden through Nävekvarn, highlighting historic buildings and plants, or their remains.

The fascinating history has been brought to life with illustrations by the artist Elisabet Englund, as well as old photographs. Some of the information boards are mounted on black and yellow posts, i.e. the colours of the old Tunaberg municipality. On top of the post is a stylised urn, the so called Sporting Urn produced by Näfveqvarns Bruk.

Road back
From Salvetorp you can continue a few hundred metres on Sörmlandsleden up to Nävsjövägen and then walk this road back to the harbour. Another alternative is to turn around at Salvetorp and stroll through the village back to the harbour.