Partly through Pilthyttedammen Nature Reserve

Start: Gälkhyttedammen. GPS: N 58°41.532'  E 016°48.650'. Parking is available here.

This route is relatively easy to walk. If you do the walk clockwise, it is approx. 4 km to the wind shelter at Överdammen. Where the path divides, after approx. 2 km, the circular route continues to the right. Soon after, you enter Pilhyttedammen Nature Reserve with the dams Pilthyttedammen and Överdammen. By the flood gates, you see how water from Överdammen falls into the lower Pilthyttedammen. The dams were built in the 15th and 16th  centuries in connection with iron production in the area. Iron production ended in the 17th century. After this, the dams have been used to regulate water supply for other purposes, for example in connection with bog haymaking.

Special regulations apply in the reserve. For example, you are not permitted to light fires other than in the designated fireplace by the wind shelter, where you also find a toilet. You are not permitted to camp, damage living or dead trees or shrubs, or pick plants. You are, however, allowed to pick berries and fungi.
The wind shelter has a fine location on a small point of land in Överdammen. As the shelter is situated in the nature reserve, tents are not allowed there.

The walk to Gälkhyttan continues across a rocky plateau with views across Överdammen and then on to a disused railway embankment, ending with a few hundred metres walking along the road.

Pilthyttedammen Nature Reserve