44:4. Furön, Oxelösund, 4 km

Start: G:a Oxelösund - N 58°39.706' E 017°07.772'
Wind shelter: Furön - N 58°39.285'   E 017°08.324'

You reach Furön by boat from Old Oxelösund, a historic settlement dating back to the 13th century. Oxelö Krog, originally a community centre, has been an inn and restaurant since the 17th century. You can also visit the Archipelago Museum and Mästerlotsen.

Land elevation has joined the islands Furön, Hönsholmen, Korsholmen and Bjurshalsen. The islands are described in documents from the 15th century and their history includes fishing and customs as well as archipelago farming and animal husbandry.

Since this route is not circular, you can go right or left. If you go right, you come into an agricultural landscape, enclosed by approx. 700 m of stone walls.

The trail continues to a grill area with lovely views across the Oxelösund fairway, or to giant’s kettles that were formed by retreating glaciers.

Return back to Bjurshalsen and across the old stone bridge to Korsholmen, where you find 300-year-old pollarded small-leaved limes.

The trail then goes via Hönsholmen across to Furön, which has a completely different, rocky landscape, including a 300-year-old flat rock forest.

At the next turning point, you find a wind shelter with a fireplace by the water. A good place for bathing.

The trail is easy to walk.  Map

Boat transport to Furön   Oxelösund