Part of sections 36:2 and 36:3, approx. 5 km
Start at Fada. GPS: N 58°43.720'   E 016°50.493'

The Fada circular route mainly consists of parts of sections 36:2 and 36:3. The route goes through highly varied terrain, and apart from a few ascents on stony ground, hiking is easy.

Fada Kvarn is a suitable start and finishing point. Parking is available for a couple of cars on the other side of the road.
Alternative parking: Go on for some kilometre. On your left is a gravel spot just where the trail passes.

From Fada Kvarn (Mill), the route goes to the east via a couple of beautiful gullies with abundant vegetation, and after approx. 1 km you start to climb the hill Jätteberget, 72.5 metres above sea level. During World War II, there was an air surveillance station here högre upp på berget. This is a nice resting place with a good view.

A very nice place for your picnic is at Fadadammen (pond/small lake). There is space for one tent here in case you want to camp. The ground belongs to the Swedish church.