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Skavsta Airport - Nyköping

Sections 46:1 and 45, 13 km

Regardless of which route you choose, your hike starts in Nyköping. Here you can buy food and camping gas. The stretch between Stockholm/Skavsta Airport and Nyköping actually provides one of the most beautiful walks along the Sörmlandsleden trail. After leaving the arrival hall, follow the pavement for 200 metres left/east to the start of the trail, in front of Connect Hotel. The first 3 km follow the old entrance to the airport. Thereafter, the trail steals away to the peaceful, meandering river Nyköpingsån, welcoming you with a pair of Viking Age rune stones. You reach a park with red signs pointing to remarkable rock carvings from the Bronze Age. After a short stretch through a small housing area you return to the river with its many birds, insects and fish, such as salmon, sea trout, vimba bream and spined loach, as well as the red-listed thick shelled river mussel.
You pass under the E4 motorway and enter Hållet-Marieberg-Stenbro Nature Reserve (66 hectares). After that, the town takes over. Nyköping is one of the oldest towns in Sweden (13th century) and one of the country’s first industrial centres (17th century), with the winding river Nyköpingsån as an energy source. Today, it is more of a small town idyll. Enjoy the lovely town walk up to Nyköpingshus Castle.

Section start: Connect Hotel
GPS (WGS84): N 58°47.026' E 016°55.521'

Bus to section start
515 and 715 to Nyköping. Timetable

ICA Supermarket, Oppeby (350 m north from the tunnel under the road 53).
ICA Kronhallen, Östra Storgatan 19.
Hemköp, Bagaregatan 46 / Västra Storgatan (shopping street).
Coop Extra, Stenbärsvägen 8.

Sports equipment
Team Sportia, Västra Storgatan 19.

Accommodation & restaurant
Nyköping Tourist Office