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Nyköping (Lindbacke) - Bergshammar

Section 44, 7 km

The walk starts at Svanviken-Lindbacke Nature Reserve, where there is a sign saying: Alternativ led (= Alternative trail). Follow this through the beautiful nature reserve (123 hectares). The area is old pasture land that once belonged to the royal farm Stora Kungsladugården before the court moved to the castle Nyköpingshus in the 13th century. Wander around among mountain everlasting, meadow saxifrage, heartsease and yellow-rattle, and graves from the Iron Age.
Svanviken is a former inlet of the sea, recently transformed into wetlands by land elevation. The area is flooded every spring and autumn, which creates a pleasant environment for waders, ducks and geese. In summer, when there is no open water surface, lapwing, redshank and snipe nest here.
After 3 kilometres, you reach the Ryssbergen outdoor recreation centre. Follow section 44:1 to the east, joining section 44 in less than 1 kilometre. After 5 kilometres in hilly terrain, the Sörmlandsleden trail forks and you continue on section 36:3.

Section start: Western side of Svanviken-Lindbacke Nature Reserve by Road 53.
GPS (WGS84): N 58°44.687' E 016°59.635'

Spring just before the Ryssbergen outdoor recreation area
GPS (WGS84): N 58°44.106' E 016°58.108' and tap water at the Shelters.
Spring on a level with Bergshammar
GPS (WGS84): N 58°43.884' E 016°55.597'