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Lilla Uttervik - Västra Koviken

Section 38, 7 km

The old village smithy at the section start has the ceiling height of a play house, which poses question about 19th century working environments. You soon pass a number of open pits and a small area of holiday cottages. In some places cliffs offer protected nesting for birds, and the calcareous soil provides a herb-rich flora. A gradual climb through sparse flat rock forest leads to the top of Mount Gullängsberget (65 metres above sea level) which has a large barrow from the Bronze Age.

 A puzzling location, since the grave was placed furthest out in what was then a wide-stretched archipelago. Even more perplexing are the rectangular stone settings with erect stone splinters a bit further on.

Section start: Old village smithy by the main road in Lilla Uttervik.
GPS (WGS84): N 58°37.363' E 016°52.056'

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