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Gälkhyttan - Nävsjön

Section 36:1, 9 km

One of the most scenic sections; rich in wildlife and easy to walk. After leaving Lake Gälkhyttedammen you enter Stora Bötet Nature Reserve (324 hectares). A large bog system with some sparse vegetation of low pines and edged by areas of fen. Here you hear cranes, ducks and waders, as well as black grouse. In the middle of the bog system stands Mount Bötesberget and the Sörmlandsleden trail forks temporarily. Choose the path that goes along the edge of the bog. The rock (91 metres above sea level) does not offer a view. Then follow a stretch of mixed forest passing Tyskdammen (German dam) to the river Nävån, which runs into Lake Nävsjön one of the most popular fishing lakes in Sörmland. Here you can also see birds of prey such as buzzard, white-tailed eagle and small falcons, as well as osprey and black-throated diver.

Please note that camping is not allowed within the nature reserve, and that you may only light fires in prepared fire places by Sörmlandsleden trail shelters.

Section start: Northern shore of Gälkhyttedammen.
GPS (WGS84): N 58°41.532' E 016°48.650'

Bus to section start
No public transport

Nävsjön pump
GPS (WGS84): N 58°39.835' E 016°44.014'