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Dragsviken - Mellsjön

Section 40, 4 km

Steep climb to the top of Mount Dragsberget and then continue along the ridge. 

Sparse flat rock forest takes you to Stora jättekasten, yet another Bronze Age barrow typically placed on a tall rock. You also pass a large hollow oak, used for traditional fertility rites until fairly recently. The path descends to a gravel road in an old agricultural landscape and follows an overgrown inlet of Lake Mellsjön. You find a shelter on a beautiful promontory.

Section start: Where the Sörmlandsleden trail crosses a private road between Långsjön and Dragsviken.
GPS (WGS84): N 58°37.518' E 016°59.483'

Bus to section start
No public transport

GPS (WGS84): N 58°38.383' E 016°58.070'