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Svärta - Holmsjön

Section 48

Soon after Svärta Church you pass Svärta Manor and you follow the river Svärtaån northwards. First on an old gravel road with old buildings, and then on Road 223. A quick detour past a few isolated holiday cottages before you cross Road 223 again and continue on a narrow surfaced road. Here it’s worth temporarily leaving the Sörmlandsleden trail and walk 200 metres in the opposite direction
(west) to see a historic dovetailed building from the late 18th century. A former iron works manor, now a private residence. Later you pass the remains of a blast furnace from the 19th century and continue deeper into the coniferous forest. The small simple towers you see along the forest road are used during moose hunting. When you reach Lake Masugnsjön, the Sörmlandsleden trail continues along a path and you pass the remains of the blast furnace which has given the lake its name. A beautiful uninhabited place.

Section start: Svärta Church.
GPS (WGS84): N 58°49.055' E 017°04.700'

Bus to section start
525 from Nyköping to bus stop Svärta.

Tap (during summer) 20 m left of the front door at Svärta Church - N 58°49.206'  E 17°04.902'

Lake Masugnsjön
GPS (WGS84): N 58°49.976' E 017°09.150'