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Gisekvarn - Trosa

Section 55, 17 km

A highly varied section, starting with a 3 km walk through the woods, over mossy rocks to the bewitching small forest lake, Ringsjön. From the rocks, with views over Hållsviken bay, you reach fields and a gravel road to the forested Mount Lemdalsberget, which opens with a less interesting stretch along a power line, but then compensates with generous views. Thereafter the trail goes up and down along the northern precipice of the rock, to the grazed pastures at Tureholm Manor, built in the 18th century. The manor may be past its prime, but has quite an impressive avenue, taking you on to the uplands with mixed forest, before you reach the picturesque small town of Trosa.

Section start: Gisekvarn
GPS (WGS84): N 58°52.513' E 017°25.295'

Bus to section start
554 or 710/805 + 554 from Nyköping or Trosa to bus stop Hammarstugan. Continue 1 km west on
private road via Hammarstugan to the Sörmlandsleden trail.

GPS (WGS84): N 58°53.018' E 017°25.887'

Coop Konsum, Torget 1 in Trosa

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Trosa Golf Club, 2 km south of Tureholm. Tel: 0156 224 59, Trosa Golfklubb (in Swedish only)

Trosa: 0156 522 22, Trosa