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Björken - Gisekvarn

Section 54, 4 km
The walk follows the northernmost part of section 54 and continues along the shore of Lake Björken. After forest of varying stages of maturity there are yet more opportunities for swimming in the clear Lake Gisesjön. You may encounter nesting ospreys and protected yews. The section continues along the shores of Lake Gisesjön to the northernmost corner of the nature reserve, where summer cottages divert walkers to the old road towards Trosa.

Section start: Karlfors Mill.
GPS (WGS84): N 58°50.787' E 017°22.884'

Bus to section start
554 or 710/805 + 554 from Nyköping or Trosa to bus stop Månbacken. Walk 300 metres south on road 219. Then 100 metres north-west on private road.

Lake Björken
GPS (WGS84): N 58°51.454' E 017°21.924' and Gisesjön

Pumps N 58°52.212'  E 017°25.129' and N 58°52.414'  E 017°24.974'

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