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Bälinge - Frillingmossen

Section 50, 6 km

The Sörmlandsleden trail continues along old roads. In the distance you pass Grinda Manor with its large, newly established wetland attracting many birds. Thereafter the trail disappears into the upland forest. The hills offer some views over the fertile Bälinge valley and you reach the large Nynäs Nature Reserve (3830 hectares). Around 500 metres north of section start 51, the Sörmlandsleden trail forks. The main trail (sections 51-54) continues south through the nature reserve. Section 50:1 continues north and later connects to section 54. Choosing the main trail adds another 22 km to the walk, but Nynäs Nature Reserve is well worth a detour as it offers a varied and beautiful walk with sea coast, coniferous and deciduous forest, and several old pastures with grazing cattle and species-rich plant communities. You pass a manor with an interior that has been intact for over 100 years, and Långmaren museum farm, worked by a self-sufficient farmer until 1967. If you need provisions, take bus 554 to Trosa from bus stop Nynäs at the entrance to the estate, (Road 219). 
Read more about Nynäs Manor, youth hostel, café and nature reserve.
Please note that you can only pitch tents in designated areas within the nature reserve.

Section start: Bälinge Church.
GPS (WGS84): N 58°50.613' E 017°17.751'

Bus to section start 
805, 555 or 710 + 557  from Nyköping to bus stop Bälinge crossroads. 

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