The Northern route - 71 km/4 days

Deep forests and isolated lakes take you, via undulating farmland, to the idyllic small town of Trosa to the north. If you wish, you can follow the Sörmlandsleden trail all the way to Stockholm (+135 km/8 days).
The landscape is dominated by cultivated valleys between forested hills, belonging to large estates of castles and manors. You walk on old agricultural roads, and at times short stretches on surfaced roads, but mostly you are alone in large forests and meet few other walkers. Technically the walk is easy, albeit harder in places. The route can also be made shorter or longer by bus travel. We recommend, for example, that you hike through the large nature reserve around Nynäs Manor (+26 km/2 days).

GPS: all positions are given in WGS84
Map: Lantmäteriet Ordnance Survey map 583 Stendörren. Available from Nyköping Tourist Office
Outline map